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Recruitment Coordinator

Mississauga, ON
Ok…so you received a shiny degree or diploma but you haven’t landed the job that gets you anxious to wake up and kill it every day.
Reason: It’s likely the company culture, it’s not for you. This happens, a lot, but what are you doing about it?
Well here is an option worth considering.
  • you really like people…I mean really like talking and getting to know people.
  • you have a curiosity to learn and research about things (like how do they get the Caramel inside the Caramilk bar).
  • you have the interest to work for a firm that will empower you to create your own day and not be micromanaged every step of the way.
  • you want to be mentored by some really great folks. (oh.. and be prepared to mentor us to…)
  • you think you are bit weird, type “A” and perhaps a bit OCD ( we are ).
Venters Recruits is looking have a Recruitment Coordinator join our team.
Come and interview us! Ask us anything you like. We aren’t perfect and we’ll be honest about it.
We want to be the place that makes you want to wake up and do great things everyday.
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